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David Per “Longcat” Modig

David Per Longcat Modig


I remember seeing FPV the first time back in 2014 and it was one of the coolest things i had ever seen, started looking up everything but realized it was just way too expensive for me and gave up. Then in early 2017 i got a recommended video from YouTube “how to start in FPV for 300$” and that was it, the push down the deep rabbit hole that would become my passion.

I bought the kit, flew it the first time and broke it. But i was completely hooked, started flying freestyle but as i am a quite competitive person i quickly got bored of freestyle and in May of 2017 i flew a race track for the first time with SRFK and i felt like i had found my calling in FPV.

Went to my first race in June 2017 and got to see how many great pilots we had in Sweden and I decided that i would work hard to be one of the top racers here.

And now a couple of years later i can not only say that im one of the top in Sweden but also the world! with good results in big international events and two world champion titles in DCL.