HaloRC Horus Frame Kit


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Horus Frame
Horus Frame Kit
TPU sold separately with a 20% discount when purchased with any frame kit.

The ‘HaloRC Horus’ is designed for one purpose, to carry naked cinematic cameras like our Naked BMPCC 4K and 6K-E. By focussing all our efforts on creating a frame with this sole purpose has allowed us to explore many different ideas and refine our design until we extract every drop of performance.

Horus Frame

The ‘HaloRC Horus’ is designed for one purpose, to carry naked cinematic cameras like our Naked BMPCC 4K and 6K-E. By focussing all our efforts on creating a frame with this sole purpose has allowed us to explore many different ideas and refine our design until we extract every drop of performance.

Over the last ten months we have designed and tested 6 completely different frame concepts and dozens of revisions. This resulted in us discovering what would work best for this platform, before adjujsting the design to perfection.

Working alongside the UK’s number one cinematic FPV pilot, Andrew Lawrence, we have created the ultimate frame to bridge the gap between GoPro and Cinematic FPV flying. The HaloRC Horus has managed to retain many of the familiar flight characteristics of a five inch freestyle frame by its use of arm geometry, weight distribution and camera placement.

Horus Frame
Horus Frame

By running the frame in what looks like an upsidedown configuration has several benefits. The first being that it provides a much wider platform for the camera to sit on than a standard narrow top plate would offer. Another important benefit is that you raise the COT and COR (centre of thrust and rotation) up closer to the majority of weight of the craft (the camera and lipo). This results in much better flight characteristics and efficiency.

Up front you will find the Halo RC signature vertical carbon fibre fpv camera mount as found on our Archon freestyle frame. This provides a strong and rigid mounting solution with adjustable angle from -10 to +40 degrees. The TPU camera plugs can be used to fit any DJI camera and most micro sized analogue cameras.

Horus Frame

Horus Frame

Taking inspiration from the spine of our Osiris freestyle frame, the centre section of the frame is reinforced with two 7mm thick spines. The dual spines provide a lot of rigidity across the centre section while keeping the arms locked in place. This helps reduce the amount of vibrations (noise) picked up by your flight controller.

There’s plenty of room for a wide range of high power 30×30 flight stacks, and with just over 20mm of height you have the perfect amount of space to mount your ESC and flight controller. Included in the kit are capacitor mounting options for either a 50v or dual 35v caps that secures them to the standoffs.

We recommend running your 4 in 1 ESC with the lipo lead exiting the side of the frame. This is the shortest path up to your lipo and leaves more space inside your frame. The latest version of Betaflight makes doing this easier than ever with a simple motor reordering procedure.

Flying with components that fill you with confidence is very important to cinematic pilots. So whether you like to run an ‘Air Unit’ or a ‘Vista’, ‘Crossfire’ or ‘ExpressLRS’, the HaloRC Horus has got you covered.

We recommend the cleanest setup possible, and the Horus frame kit is supplied with all the printed parts required to build it. The Air Unit craddle included in the kit, allows air flow to reach all sides and provides space to route the cables to your flight controller. The included dual antenna mount and plugs hold either the original DJI MMCX antenae or many of the popular after market ones in a perfect 90 degree orientation and as far away from any carbon as possible, maximising video signal coverage.

A simple Crossfire Immortal T Antenna mount is included in the kit for a clean and effective way of mounting. Please check out the range of additional TPU parts in the section above to find mounting solutions for optional parts you may need/want to run such as a GPS, dual and single SMA antenna for your air unit or vista and any others we create to suit customers’ bespoke requirements.

Horus Frame

Horus Frame

Being able to take off and land safely is an absolute must when working professionally with FPV drones. On the bottom of the Horus you will find what we call, stabalisers. This prevents the craft from tipping over and sending the propellors into the ground.

Rather than cutting the stabilisiers into the bottom plate, making this part both more expensive to buy and replace when you break one off, we have designed them to be detatchable and easy and cheap to replace.

The bottom plate itself has cutouts for running a bottom mounted lipo. We only recommend doing this for a basic test hover as landing the entire weight of this kind of craft on top of a lipo will likely lead to damage and potential fire risk.

We developed the Horus to be the perfect platform for the HaloRC Naked BMPCC 4K and 6K-E, but also for future camera releases currently in development. Tried and tested on set, at various locations around the world, providing dynamic shots for commercials and TV.

The combination of the Horus and a naked cinematic camera provides you with footage that you simply can’t get any other way. With flight performance similar to a five inch frestyle setup and footage good enough for the big screen.

The HaloRC Horus uses the naked cinematic camera mounting pattern of 90mm x 124mm, which is the industry standard adopted by other manufacturers of naked cameras and frames that carry them. So if you are looking for the ultimate frame to carry your naked cinematic camera setup, then look no further.

Horus Frame

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