HaloRC NAKED BMPCC 6K-E (Kit Only)


HaloRC NAKED BMPCC 6K-E (Kit Only)

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The HaloRC Naked BMPCC6KE Kit is designed to replicate the benefits of our 4K kit, but with the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K. This makes it a lot easier to mount to an FPV drone and the huge reduction in weight results in better flight perfomance and efficiency.

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Kit Overview

The HaloRC Naked BMPCC6K-E is the most powerful naked camera in the world! We have solved the weight and size issues faced with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K by adapting it to run Sony E-Mount lens’s.

By removing the Canon EF mount allowed us to keep the size of the sensor mount and naked setup similar to the 4K version. Using E-Mount allows us to run wider lens’s that are on average 400g lighter than their EF counterpart. Factor this weight saving into making the 6K naked and you are saving more than 800g over the non naked EF setups.

Available as a ‘Full Kit’ which includes all the parts required to convert your own camera, with the optional ‘BMPCC Screen Extension Kit’. A ‘Kit and Build’ option for those who already have a camera or intend on buying a brand new one and want to send it to us to convert for you, and we also offer a ‘Ready To Film’ option where we have sourced used cameras able to run firmware version 6.9.6, all converted and set up ready to film.

Kit Only

Includes all the parts required to convert your own Blackmagic camera into a Naked BMPCC.


Firmware plays a big part on how you use your naked BMPCC. Cameras manufactured after May 2021 come flashed with version 7.3 or later. If the camera was originally flashed with 7.3 it cannot be downgraded and will only power up with the screen attached. There is no way of knowing whether it can be downgraded or not until you attempt to downgrade it. If your camera was originally flashed with an earlier version of firmware then it can be downgraded to version 6.9.6, which is the last firmware that allowed the camera to power up without the screen attached.

Attaching the screen using the original connector is very awkward due to the screen needing to be placed parralel to the main PCB which requires you to remove the top plate. We have designed the ‘BMPCC Screen Extension Kit’ which converts the BMPCC connector to a standard ribbon cable (FFC) connector, allowing you to connect the screen quickly and easily without removing the top plate.

This is the perfect solution if your camera cannot be downgraded, if you want to run the latest firmware version with gyro data for stabilisation, or if you just want to use the original screen for changing setting, adjusting exposure and playback functionality while still running older firmware.

The Blackmagic Pocket 6K is a very powerful bit of kit that offers many advantages over the Pocket 4K. The obvious one is the increase in resolution, which comes from a larger Super 35 sensor. This brings better low light capabilities and a lower crop factor providing a wider field of view.

The main PCB and Bluetooth module are mounted between two carbon fiber plates keeping them safe and secure, while providing 90×124 AlphaGel mounting points for securing the camera to your frame. This mounting pattern is used by all frames designed for all naked BMPCC cameras, and is the industry standard.

High levels of precision are required to align the camera sensor with the lens and focus properly. So we have designed and printed our sensor case using SLA resin printing. This results in levels of detail and tollerences that cannot be achieved with FDM printed parts and a finish only match by injection moulding.



With such a large platform provided by the plates that house the main PCB, it makes sense to mount the sensor case to the front of the top plate, and mount your lipo behind it for even weight distribution. The length of flex cable that connects the PCB to the sensor also defines where the sensor and lens can be mounted.

We created our own unique mounting sollution for the sensor case that uses front mounted strut braces. These are secured to the sides of the top plate using tough resin mounting points, and provide an adjustable mounting sollution for the case that goes from negative 20 degrees all the way back to 50 degrees.

Running along the top of the strut brace is a series of markers set at 10 degree increments making it simple to repeat frequently flown camera angles. The 0 degree marker has a slightly different marker to easily identify the centre point.

By using strut braces mounted to the front we have free’d up all the space behind the sensor case for easy access to your lipos and straps. It has also allowed us to offer three different lipo mounting configurations that use two straps per lipo that are held in place by the top plate.

You can run the standard single lipo in the centre, or for extra capacity or cell count you can run two lipos side by side. When running more extreme camera angles of over 30 degrees, you will find that the space for your lipo is reduced. To combat this we added a third, sideways/toilet tank, lipo mounting point at the back of the top plate allowing you to get the angle all the way back and not hit the lipo.

You may have also noticed the two holes at the back of the top plate, these are for mounting additional accesories such as cold shoe mounts, GPS, antenae etc.


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