Happymodel Tango 2 Power Adapter for ES24TX Slim Pro 1w Output


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Since the TBS Tango2 radio is powered by 1S, when an external TX module such as ES24TX Slim Pro needs to run at 1000mw, the original circuit structure cannot maintain normal operation or even turn on. So we designed this power adapter. This set of power adapter consists of two parts, one of which is a PCB board directly glued to the back of the main board of the Tango2. Another PCB with pins directly replaces the original external expansion module. The overall replacement is very convenient and is plug-and-play. Of course, you need to be careful during the modification process. We will not bear the accidental loss caused by the careless modification process.

Package Include:
TG2 Adapter A board x1
TG2 Adapter B board x1
6pin*1.0mm*60mm FPC Flexible ribbon cable x1
8pin*1.0mm*60mm FPC Flexible ribbon cable x1
3pin PH2.0 power cable x1

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