SpeedyBee F7 V3 FPV Flight Controller


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SpeedyBee F7 V3 FPV Flight Controller

The SpeedyBee F7 V3 Flight Controller is a F722 FC with a BMP280 barometer, OSD, 500MB memory blackbox, a built-in FC LiPo monitoring system and many more features. Equipped with solderless connectivity, this FC is the perfect addition to your FPV build.


  • 500MB onboard blackbox flash memory
  • 8 motor outputs perfect for X8 Cinelifter
  • 30.5 x 30.5mm mounting pattern
  • FC LiPo monitoring system
  • Built-in barometer
  • 4 LED connectors
  • F722 FC
  • Buzzer


  • Current output:
  • 1) 10 groups of 5V outputs, three +5V pads and 1 BZ+ pad (for the buzzer) on the front, and 6 +5V outputs in the connectors on the bottom. The total current load is 2A.
  • 2) 2 groups of 9V outputs, one +9V pad on the front and the other in a connector on the bottom. The total current load is 4A.
  • 3) Supported. Suitable for receiver and GPS module, even if FC is powered by USB port. Up to 1A current load Supported. Designed for receiver with 3.3V input. Up to 500mA current load.
  • WiFi support, for data transfer, e.g. firmware flashing and black box analysis.
  • I2C: Supported. SDA & SCL pads on the front panel. Used for magnetometer, sonar, etc.
  • Supports flight controller firmware: BetaFlight (default), EMUFlight, INAV
  • ESC signal M1 – M4 on the bottom and M5-M8 on the front.
  • LED: Used for WS2812 LED controlled by Betaflight firmware.
  • UART: 5 sets (UART1, UART2, UART3, UART4, UART6)
  • DJI Air Unit connector: a full DJI Air Unit JST slot on board
  • BLE support, used for flight controller configuration
  • Buzzer: BZ+ and BZ- pad are used for 5V buzzer
  • Mounting: 30.5×30.5mm, 4mm hole size
  • Dimensions: 41(L) x 38(W) x 8.1(H)mm
  • OSD: BetaFlight OSD with AT7456E chip
  • BlackBox: 500MB onboard data flash
  • BetaFlight camera control pad: Yes
  • ESC Telemetry: UART UART4 RX
  • Power input: 3S – 6S Lipo
  • Target: SPEEDYBEEF7V3
  • SmartPort: Supported
  • Baro: BMP280 (I2C)
  • MCU: STM32F722
  • Boot button: Yes
  • RSSI input: Yes
  • IMU: BMI270
  • USB: Type-C
  • Weight: 9G


  • 1x SpeedyBee F7 V3 flight controller
  • 1 4-pin SH1.0 to SH1.0 analog VTX cable 60mm – Yellow and Blue
  • 1x 6-pin SH1.0 GPS module cable without connector – 100mm
  • 1 4-pin SH1.0 to 3+ 2-pin JST1.25 FPV camera cable – 30mm
  • 1 4-pin SH1.0 to 3+ 2-pin JST1.25 FPV camera cable – 60mm
  • 1 4-pin SH1.0 to 4-pin JST1.25 FPV camera cable – 60mm
  • 1x 6-pin SH1.0 GPS module cable with connector
  • 1 4-pin SH1.0 radio receiver cable – 100mm
  • 1x SH 1.0mm 8-pin cable -30mm
  • 5x M3 8mm silicone grommets
  • 1x DJI 6-pin cable – 80mm

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